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Reginal Thomas

There May Be A Glitch In The Way We Count Jobless Claims

With more and more companies opting to hire part time workers over full time in order because of the disincentives of Obamacare, those same workers still have to find a second part time job to be able to make enough money like they were a full timer. So when we see these new numbers where more and more people are being hired it could just be someone being counted twice because they have to supplement two jobs in order to make the income necessary to live. So the work force might not actually be as strong and recovering as fast as we had been hoping in the last weeks. 

In the big picture is sucks to see how the little guy has just been taking it in the worst ways, now not only do you need a crappy job that you most likely don't like you're going to have to go out and find another just to pay your bills, SHEESH!